Places to visit in Murree

Located just 60km north of Islamabad on the N75 Islamabad-Kohala Highway at an altitude of 7,500 feet, Murree is the perfect getaway for anyone looking for a quick trip to the mountains. The drive from Islamabad/Rawalpindi takes just 2 hours and the highway is safe and well maintained. Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway to enjoy the snow in the winters, or want to go on a day trip to escape the heat during the summers, Murree is the perfect destination! Here are our recommended places to visit in Murree!

Mall Road

Mall Road is Murree’s most famous market place and the best place to experience the ronak of the town! The market is usually open until around 3 am, and the boulevard is always packed with tourists and locals. You will find shops who will sell you everything from beautiful local handmade shawls and jewellery to imported toys and shoes. Or sit back at one of the dozens of restaurants serving delicious food and chai and watch the crowds going by. You will see people from all over Pakistan and beyond. This one tops the list of places to visit in Murree!

Pindi Point

Pindi Point is a hilltop around a 10 minute drive from Mall Road. It’s a steep climb, but once you get to the top you can kick back and enjoy the views of rich green mountains across the valley and Islamabad/Rawalpindi in the distance. For the ride back downhill, try the 1.5KM chairlift to Bansara Gali.

Kashmir Point

By far the best view in Murree can be found at Kashmir Point. If you are going there from Mall Road it is best to go by foot, and it will take around 20 minutes. Stop by Kashmir Point to see the magnificent snow-capped peaks of Kashmir. On a clear day you can even see K2! There is a nice amusement park for kids here too and a train ride that takes you through the beautiful forests and around Governor’s House.

Patriata (New Murree)

Patriata, or New Murree, is quite some distance away from main Murree. It can take up to an hour by car Murree towards Lower Topa. Although a little further afield, the 7KM chairlift and cable car ride, cooler air, and quiet forests make it worth the trip! You will see lots of monkeys here and maybe even a mountain leopard. They are known to frequent this area – yikes!


If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Murree’s main boulevards, be sure to check out Bhurban. It is 15KM from Murree along one of the main roads leading to Azad Kashmir. There are luxurious resorts here like the Pearl Continental and quiet hiking trails with an abundance of flaura and fauna.

Easiest way to go to Murree

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Which are your favourite places to visit in Murree?