Be Your Own Boss

Your car will pay for itself

Roamer Needs Partners Like You

Step 1 - Create account

Create a partner account with us and tell us about yourself and your car.

Step 2 - Talk to us

One of our support agents will contact you to walk you through the verification process.

Step 3 - Drive and earn

As an independent partner you've got freedom and flexibility to drive whenever you have time.

Requirements For Sharing Your Car

Anyone can share their car on Roamer but there are a few minimum requirements

  1. You must have proof of vehicle registration
  2. Your car must be insured
  3. Your car model year should be 2007 or newer
  4. Your car must have seat belts for the chauffeur and 4 passengers
  5. Your car must have a working air conditioner
  6. Your car must not have any cosmetic damage or missing piece
  7. Your car must not have any commercial branding
  8. Your car will need to be inspected by a Roamer agent or a 3rd party of Roamer's choice
  9. Chauffeur will need an Android smartphone to receive bookings
  10. Chauffeur must be at least 18 years old
  11. Chauffeur must have a valid CNIC and driver's license
  12. Chauffeur will have to go through a screening process including police reports and drug tests

Benefits Of Sharing Your Car

Guaranteed money maker

We guarantee demand. Get 75% of the revenue from every booking made on your car.

24x7 support

Be assured that we have you covered when your car is on the road. If there any any issues with your booking you can call us 24x7.

Hassle free

No need to interact with customers. The Roamer app does it all for you.

Keep an eye on your car

Our State of the Art technology helps you keep an eye on your car and its well-being at all times.

Your car, your schedule

You can rent out for a few hours to a few days, on a weekday or a weekend.

Watch earnings roll in

You'll know exactly what you get paid for. We send instant updates to you in the Roamer app when your car is booked.